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Surveys & Inspections

Aerial tree assessments and hazard inspections by London Tree Surgeons to guide you on management of your trees.

Have confidence in your trees 


You may decide that before having any Tree Surgery works done to your trees it's necessary to have a  survey carried out on your public or private land.  Our Arboriculture surveys provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions. You will receive a clear outline of information on the tree(s) in question and advice from our experts on the best next steps to take to maintain its health.

  • Tree Felling
    If a tree needs to be removed, it can be felled in one by cutting the base. After assessing the tree’s condition, we’ll decide on the exact felling method and cuts, as well as the designated drop zone, where it will then be processed and removed. However, it is super important that this is done safely. Sometimes, felling isn’t possible due to obstructions. If this is the case, then the tree would need to be dismantled.
  • Section Felling
    If it is not safe to fell the tree due to a lack of space or due to the terrain (like a neighbour’s lawns and fences, or close proximity to buildings) it may be possible to identify a drop zone where sections of tree can be dropped. In this case, manageable sections of the tree are dismantled by positioning ourselves throughout the canopy, using ropes, harnesse and a rigging kit. The removed sections of the tree are placed into the designated drop zone safely, in a controlled manner.
  • Lowering
    Where it is not safe to completely fell a tree and no drop zones are able to be identified, we would dismantle the tree into sections. These are then lowered to the ground using ropes and pulleys.
  • Crane or Elevated Work Platform
    Where climbing with ropes and harnesses isn’t possible, we are also able to offer services on cranes or mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs). For instance, if an extremely big tree needs to be dismantled or if it is unsafe to climb. Despite cranes and MEWPs coming with a slightly higher cost to hire, they do provide a safe and sometimes easier environment to work in, which can therefore sometimes reduce labour hours (and thus cost).
  • Trees With Power Lines
    It is not uncommon for trees to grow into cables and power lines, meaning that it’s vital for growing trees to keep well away. Where we need to cut trees with power lines, unless they are completely insulated, the power should be switched off by the electricity network provider. Please note, the electricity network may require around four weeks notice to turn off the power. If a branch falls on to a power line, please be sure to call us to report this, rather than touching it yourself, as this could result in serious injury.
  • Tree Preservation Order (TPO)
    A Tree Preservation Order ‘TPO’ is given to certain trees in England by the local planning authorities, in order to protect them from being damaged, moved, topped or taken down. As it is a criminal offence to alter a tree marked with a TPO, you will need to gain authority from the planning authority according to the location of the tree beforehand. It is also important to bear in mind that your application could take up to two months, so allowing enough time to apply before the work needs to be undertaken is key.
  • Stump Grinding
    Stump grinding is a much more effective way to remove the stump of a tree. We do this with a powerful, industrial stump grinder with a spinning cutting disc, which enables us to chip away at the stump below ground level.

What Clients Say

"Outstanding work"

"This is a recommendation for Luke Keavy, who very effectively managed, and pollarded a very old and large Willow tree for me in Mitcham. I can vouch for his excellent, professional, and meticulous work. He is very organised, trustworthy, respectful, honest, and easy to communicate with. I cannot recommend him highly enough for not just his outstanding work but for being an amazing person."

Indria Fernandes - Willow Tree, Residential 

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