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Eco-Habitat Pile

Creating a home for wildlife is something we can all do to protect the environment and help local species thrive. 

Create a habitat for your local wildlife


Wildlife eco -habitat piles are deliberately constructed. They are built with small trees, limbs, boughs and wood chip . This will encourage wildlife such as song birds, bugs and grubs, frogs and lizards to flourish in their natural habitat. Some UK critters for example, stag beetles and slow worms are endangered and you would be helping the species by providing them with a safe and natural space. We're don't just do Tree Surgery  - after all, it's a bugs world! 


What Clients Say

"Outstanding work"

"This is a recommendation for Luke Keavy, who very effectively managed, and pollarded a very old and large Willow tree for me in Mitcham. I can vouch for his excellent, professional, and meticulous work. He is very organised, trustworthy, respectful, honest, and easy to communicate with. I cannot recommend him highly enough for not just his outstanding work but for being an amazing person."

Indria Fernandes - Willow Tree, Residential 

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